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Правим всичко възможно да предложим на всички наши гости услугите и съоръженията, за да направим престоя им незабравим.


Ресторант Фаворит – Вашата дестинация за изискано вечерно удоволствие! Ние сме а-ла-карт ресторант, където съчетаваме уникалните вкусове на традиционната българска кухня с изисканото европейско кулинарно изкуство.

Бар „Фаворит“ – вашето място за релакс и наслада! Ние сме идеалното място за среща с приятели, за почивка след дълъг ден или просто за потапяне в атмосферата.

Тук ще намерите разнообразно меню, включващо разнообразие от бързи и вкусни опции, които да задоволят апетита ви по всяко време, денем или нощем.

Басейнът на хотел Фаворит е идеалното място за релакс и наслада по време на престоя ви.

Тук ще намерите разнообразно меню, включващо разнообразие от бързи и вкусни опции, които да задоволят апетита ви по всяко време, денем или нощем.

Hotel Favorit

Cozy hotel, with a homely and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a family or friends vacation.

Happy Customers

Best location in Sunny Beach

" Favorit Hotel has the best location in Sunny Beach, just a brief walk to the beach, close to the best clubs - La Cubanita, Bedroom and Cacao, where the party at. Nice rooms with a view, best bang for your buck. "

Peter V

Trip Advisor


" Me and 2 lads went for lads holiday As soon as we got the our Thomson scene rep Matt was waiting for us he was brill couldn't fault the guy the hotel was great staff were perfect ignore everything bad you've heard about this hotel strip is not far at all it's defiantly walking distance we did it plenty of times! The hotel welcomed is back anytime we wanted wand we are seriously considering coming back again this August! "


Trip Advisor

First time in Bulgaria & couldn't have been any better

" This apartment was in a ideal location.... Slightly away from the madness of sunny beach main area.... It was less than a 10 minute bus ride that stopped right outside the hotel. It is 1LV per person... Which is about 50p..... A cab was 10LV..... But the buses are every 15 minute, they're so cheap & its only a few stops so it was a good way to get down there, otherwise it's a nice walk, about 30 mins. "


Trip Advisor

I had a great time!

" Unreal good service from the receptionist, she was always polite and smiling. Admirations for Biso, there is no better worker in the Favorite family. Mr. Terziev took good care of us and our drunken shenanigans, not giving us trouble for playing with his daughter and bickering with Biso over beer and soup at the local pub. Biso deserves a promotion and additional respect for the work he puts into the hot dishes. 10/10!!!! "

Boris Savov

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Suitable for kids

" Good tradițional Bulgaria food, delicious fish, large portions, accesibile price! "

Roxana Turcanu Nemtisor

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I really liked it!

" Excellent little hotel, clean, tidy, good pool, large terraces, all in all a comfortable place! "

Sanda Stankovic

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